Windshield Wipers
Windshield Washer Fluid
Check the windshield washer fluid and refill if necessary.
Automatic Transition Fluid
If your car has an automatic transition, check the level of the transition fluid. As with the oil, you should make sure that the fluid is clean. If you disvover metal scrapings in the fluid, you should contact a car mechanic.
Cabin Air Filter
Just like the air for the engine, the air for the passenger cabin is filtered as well. Check the filter and replace it if necessary so that you can keep breathing clean air.
Engine Air Filter
A dirty air filter can reduce the performance of your car and reduce your gas mileage. Check the air filter and replace it if necessary.
Make sure there is enough coolant in your system. (see How to check your car's coolant)
First Aid Kit
Do you have a first aid kit on board? Is it still unexpired?

Brake Fluid
Check condition and level of the brake fluid. Unlike oil, there should be no need to frequently refill the fluid. If the level sinks below minimum, ask a mechanic for the cause of the problem.
Check the oil level of your car. Also make sure that it looks clean and does not smell of gasoline.

Make sure that all lights of the car are functional. These include:

  • turn signals
  • tail lights
  • brake lights
  • headlights
  • bright lights
  • emergency lights

Tire Pressure
Check the tire pressure. Don't forget that the pressure recommendations of the manufacturer are for cold tires, not for ones that have been heated up by driving.
Tire Wear
Check your tires for wear. Besides the expected wear over time, increased wear can be a sign of wrong tire pressure or poor tire allignment.
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