Goal Setting

Traditionally, goal setting does not focus on recurring checks. It is about defining worthwhile goals which in itself are one-off undertakings instead of repeating tasks. Many goals require you to establish helpful habits to achieve them though. And what are habits? Right, recurring activities.

So while goal setting is not at the core of Checkpanel, you might still be interested in learning about it. Here is a collection of insightful resources to learn from and be inspired by. Use them to live your life proactively, get more productive and increase your general happiness.

» Goal Achievement App Focality
Focality helps you to achieve your personal goals with deep planning and self-reflection. It's a beautiful app available for iOS, Android and your browser.

» Personal Goal Setting
This article will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about goal setting. Clocking in at a whopping 30 minutes of reading time you will learn the basic process, criteria for great goals, techniques to achieve your goals and so much more.

» Goal Setting Questions
Diving deeper into the goal setting process, this article sets you up with a series of powerful questions designed to discover and achieve your goals. Learn what you truly desire. Figure out how to prioritize many goal ideas and choose the ones to pursue. Use these questions to flesh out your chosen goal ideas, understand them and your motivation towards them better and maximize your chances for success.

» Motivational Quotes for Goal Setting
Finally, draw motivation from these inspiring quotes. Many famous people - and some hidden geniuses - have put goal setting into inspiring words. Browse through this extensive quote collection to find the words that resonate the most with you.

Looking for more? More resources will follow. Feel free to come back in the future and find more insights here. Until then: Enjoy setting and achieving your goals. Good luck!