Checklist Templates

Checklist template for web applications

We have compiled sample checklists for several topics. You can create your own checklists based on these templates.

Web Development & Server Administration Checklists

» Checklist for Web Applications
A very generic checklist for web applications.

» Checklist for Server Maintenance
A checklist for maintaining servers like root servers.

» Checklist for SEO
A checklist for making sure your site stays optimized for search engines.

Social Media Management Checklists

» Facebook Checklist
Frequent tasks for managing your Facebook page.

» Google+ Checklist
Frequent tasks for managing your Google+ page.

» Twitter Checklist
Frequent tasks for managing your twitter account.

Checklists for Specific Software Packages

» Checklist for WordPress Installations
A checklist for installations of the popular blogging platform WordPress.

» Checklist for OpenX Installations
A checklist to help maintaining installations of the ad server OpenX Source.

» Checklist for Revive Installations
A checklist for maintaining the successor of OpenX Source, Revive.

Non-IT Checklists

» Checklist for Car Maintenance
A checklist for taking care of your vehicle.

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