Time Management

Time management is the art of allocating your time efficiently – planning and executing. Mastering this skill enables you to be more productive and also less stressed. It is vital in today's challenging work environments.

Even if you are no productivity specialist you probably have already heard about one of the many time management strategies. Do "Eisenhower Matrix", "Getting Things Done", "Time Blocking" or "Inbox Zero" ring a bell?

Checkpanel can in part be used for time management. For example, you can set up recurring tasks for your daily routines. You can, however, also use a more general solution and use Checkpanel together with it. Such general-purpose solutions enable you to include non-recurring tasks as well and often include features that go beyond task management, e.g. goal setting and self-reflection.

» Time Management App Focality
Focality helps you to manage your time and constantly improve yourself with deep planning, self-reflection and data-driven insights.

» Effective Time Management Strategies: The Compendium
Do you want to get a solid overview of the many existing time management strategies, techniques and methods? This article allows you to quickly get a grasp of over 50 different strategies. A great way to quickly scan for those methods that best suit your personal preferences.

So what's your preferred time management method? How does Checkpanel fit into it? We would love to know! Over time (no pun intended) we will add more exciting resources. We are always happy about suggestions.