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Template: Google+ Social Media Management Checklist

This checklists contains frequent social media management tasks for running your Google+ page.

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Post something relevant

Publish a new post relevant to your audience. This can either be news about your company/product, or some news you heard about elsewhere which is relevant to your audience.

For example you can tell your Google+ followers something about the background of your endeavor or give them a look behind the scenes. Or you can ask them for feedback to stimulate engagement.

Respond to comments

Go through all new comments to your posts on Google+ and reply if possible.

Even if you do not have a complete answer right away, still make sure to post a response immediately ("Thanks for your question - we do not have a complete answer at hand right now, but we will look into it and post more as soon as possible"). On social media like Google+, it is important to be quick. Your users are expecting rapid responses, so make sure not to appear inactive even if you are working in the background.

Share an interesting item
Find an interesting status update on someone else's Google+ profile and share it.
Comment on a post
Find a post of a Google+ user and comment on it. Make sure that it doesn't look spammy. Comments with insight will reflect well on your brand.

+1 an update
Give one or more posts of other Google+ users a +1.