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Template: Facebook Social Media Management Checklist

This checklists contains frequent social media management tasks for running your Facebook page.

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Post something relevant

Publish a new post relevant to your audience. This can either be news about your company/product, or some news you heard about elsewhere which is relevant to your audience.

For example you can tell your Facebook fans something about the background of your company or give them a look behind the scenes. Or you can ask them for feedback to stimulate engagement.

Respond to comments

Go through all new comments to your posts and new posts by others on your Facebook wall. Comment where possible.

If there are questions and you do not have the answer at hand, still reply immediately ("Thanks for asking - we don't have the answer at hand, but we'll check it out and update you as soon as possible"). Speed counts on Facebook, you don't want to give the impression of being inactive even if you are working rapidly behind the scenes.

Share something interesting
Find an interesting status update on someone else's profile and share it.

Like an update
Like one (or more) updates of other users/pages on Facebook.

Comment on an update
Comment on a Facebook update of another user/page. Make sure that it doesn't look spammy. Comments with insight will reflect well on your brand.

Comment on a page with your target audience
Find Facebook pages with similar audiences similar to your own target audience. Leave an insightful comment on the wall of such pages. Make sure that your comment is of high quality and does not get perceived as spam.

Review stats for Facebook Ads
If you are running a Facebook Ad campaign, make sure to review it frequently. Adjust where necessary.

Review Facebook Insights
Keep an eye on Facebook Insights. If something changes (for better or worse) think about possible reasons and react accordingly.