Frequently Asked Questions

Will Checkpanel always be free?

Once the open beta phase has been completed, Checkpanel will transition to a "freemium" model. Basic accounts will still be free, but advanced features will require a paid plan.

Early adopters who have used Checkpanel beta will enjoy a grace period where they will be able to continue using the full feature set for free.

Where do you host our data?

Checkpanel is hosted on secure systems in datacenters in Germany.

Will automatic checks show up in my website statistics?

If you are using a tool like Google Analytics, Clicky or Statcounter, automatic checks will not influence your statistics.

During automatic checks, Checkpanel only retrieves the URL which you referenced, but will not load embedded images or execute embedded scripts. Most statistics software works by embedding images and/or scripts into your HTML documents, so those tools will not be triggered.

If you are using a so-called logfile analyzer like Webalizer, automatic checks might influence your statistics. These tools parse the log files of your web server and Checkpanel's checks will show up there. Usually these tools can be configured to ignore certain user agents. Please refer to the manual of your tool how to achieve this. Checkpanel's user agent is 'Checkpanel Sentinel 1.0 ('.